Why donate to the Jeel Fund?

Giving hope

Education is imperative for any society, providing access to higher employment opportunities and income, enhanced skillsets, improved social status, and much more. Lebanon enjoys a strong reputation as the home of quality education and we hope to protect that reputation.

Paying it forward

Think of how education impacted your life! Impact Lebanon Charity strives to encourage you to pay it forward by helping new students, who one day we hope will themselves contribute to the Lebanese economy and society.

Ensuring sustainability

Your donations will directly support tuitions as well as contribute to an endowment fund.
This fund will ensure sustainability by seeding investments that will continue to help future generations in the long term.

Support university scholarships in Lebanon

The Lebanese diaspora has seen great success all around the world over decades – successful careers, renowned creatives, entrepreneurs, and much more – in large part due to the country’s highly rated educational system.
In 2013, the World Economic Forum, ranked Lebanon as the 4th best country for math and science education, and 10th for best overall quality of education.
This success has long motivated new generations to carry on the path of higher education and ensured that the Lebanese diaspora buoyed the Lebanese economy via inward transfers and remittances, through decades of uncertainty.
This is now at risk. The economic meltdown in Lebanon is threatening the very existence of quality education. Today, families are no longer able to afford tuitions and fees, while universities are facing the most severe threat in their history.
Please join us by supporting our fund today, because we believe that Lebanese graduates can, and will, make a difference in this hardest of times.
Please note that our activities are under Impact Lebanon Charity, registered in the UK under number: 1192462. Despite the similarity in names, we are a separate organisation from Impact Lebanon LTD.

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